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The Garden Cook - Grow, Cook and Eat with Kids

By Fiona Inglis

           While she was a Masterchef Australia contestant, Fiona Inglis confessed she wanted to become involved in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program. Subsequently she became an inspiring and well-loved teacher within the program (Parkwood Green Primary School) and has written a wonderful book. Drawing on her real-life experience of working with primary school-aged children she has produced a lively book that covers all aspects of cooking and gardening, including plenty of helpful advice and recipes. The book is written in simple, clear language, is beautifully illustrated and is guaranteed to appeal to all young cooks and gardeners (and to inspire their parents)

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Latest review by Stephanie Alexander:

           One of the nicest parts of my job is hearing from Children who are loving their time in the school's kitchen garden. Hot on the heels though is hearing from one of those delivering the program, or indeed an alumni, who has gone on to do his or her own thing, but still acknowledges the pleasure they have had from their time in the kitchen garden movement. Former masterchef contestant, currently the Kitchen Specialist at Parkwood Green Primary School, Fiona Inglis has just published a fabulous book The Garden Cook detailing techniques, recipes and sharing the fun that she obviously shares with her students. Congratulations Fiona! All parents look out for it.


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