About Me

Fiona Inglis - Primary School Teacher, Kitchen Garden Specialist, MasterChef Contestant
I always knew that I wanted to work closely with children. At the same time, after leaving school, I also developed a new love for the world of food. As a child, mealtimes had been a terrible battle. I had challenged my poor mum and dad big-time when it came to eating anything except sweets and, in particular, I loathed my vegetables.

Today I am making up for lost time when it comes to indulging my taste buds. After achieving a spot in the top 24 of the hit television show, Masterchef (Series 2), I took my experience and knowledge to the table.

Armed with a Bachelor of Primary Education from the University of Melbourne, I propelled myself forward into the food education industry and landed an influential position as a Kitchen Specialist with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation.

I am currently in my sixth year of teaching within a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program (Parkwood Green Primary School). I love teaching my students how to grow, harvest, prepare and share in fresh, seasonal and organic produce. Our produce is homegrown within the school grounds, so students and I have access to it daily. I’m passionate about making an effective and positive contribution to children’s overall outlook on food and health.

Everyday I continue to expand and share my knowledge of children’s food education. My philosophy is about celebrating seasonal produce and teaching my students (as well as adults) life skills. It’s about getting our hands a little bit dirty with soil from the garden and flour in the kitchen!

Fiona is currently available for school incursions, cooking workshops, public appearances and food events.Click here to contact Fiona.